Computerized Maintenance Management Software Solutions and Implementation
PEAK Industrial Solutions offers easy implementation of Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS). PEAK’s CMMS solution integrates maintenance, inventory, labor and purchasing to increase productivity and profitability.

For 25 years, PEAK has served major clients, including Fortune 500 companies. We have a proven track record of increasing productivity and reducing costs for a wide variety of satisfied clients, including major hospitals, universities, airports and manufacturing companies.

PEAK’s internationally recognized experts offer comprehensive services to help you better manage maintenance processes. PEAK is with you all the way from the initial audit to the final implementation and follow-up.

PEAK is a pioneer in innovation. Its leaders developed one of the first PC based CMMS solutions back in early eighties and a mobile system with bar coding in 1986. PEAK continues its innovation in all facets of CMMS mobile and enterprise asset management (EAM).

Our Products/Services :

  • CMMS / EAM
    Save up to 30% of your annual maintenance dollars. Increase efficiency in asset management, preventive maintenance, work order completion rates and purchasing. Organize, distribute and manage maintenance-related information and liberate your maintenance department from inefficiencies and bottlenecks. Make meaningful business decisions with useful reports and follow-up reminders.
  • CMMS Mobile
    Collect performance data, offer a paperless environment, and provide efficient ways to track parts inventory. There is never a lag in inspection updates, so you’re in compliance when inspectors arrive at your facility. The increase in technician productivity alone is worth exploring mobile CMMS.
  • Maintenance Audit
    Reduce costs by as much as 40%, and limit hassles down the road with a thorough and meaningful maintenance audit. Identify deficiencies and replace them with efficient work order systems, tracking and inventory control. PEAK experts identify key reasons for unplanned repairs, backlogs of work orders, repeated maintenance work on the same equipment and recommend solutions.
  • Consulting
    Ensure your return on investment with implementation strategies that management and staff members support. The cost of CMMS acquisition is only a small fraction of the overall outlay. A successful implementation can easily cost multiple times the cost of the software. However, statistics show 80% of CMMS implementations have failed because of multiple factors. We can help you not fall into that statistic. From process flow to interfacing with other systems, onsite evaluations by PEAK’s team get to the heart of the problems and increase “buy- in” for your CMMS.
  • Seminars
    Gather your team, and learn from PEAK CMMS experts through onsite training. Face-to-face training increases ownership and engagement with your maintenance process. Topics include “Improve Maintenance Productivity in 3 Days”, “Turning Downsizing into an Opportunity.”, “Maintenance Planning/Scheduling” and many more.
  • Webinars
    Save travel time and costs with one hour long virtual training sessions delivered by PEAK’s experts. A variety of maintenance topics are covered.

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